Red Rocks Initiatives has established several activities that target to empower the local communities towards sustainable development. We believe, responsible tourism has the power to uplift the standards of living for the vulnerable local communities.

Conservation and Community-based Ecotourism are the key drivers of our program area’s prosperity. With this in mind, Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development implements a resourceful Community Program that underscores its purpose to support the local communities in line with its vision and mission.

Peace Building among Communities through Tourism

Tourism plays an imperative role in relation to peace building. Tourism is a tool for peace and dialogue among civilizations. Tourism offers the ideal opportunity for people to make discoveries about other different cultures and to develop an admiration of cultural diversity. It enables people to interact and learn from each other, establishing coherence and peaceful coexistence.

The most important lesson tourism can teach the world is the existence of diverse cultural differences and similarities. Tourism promotes tolerance, cultural understanding and mutual respect..


Monthly community events bring communities and conservation and tourism stakeholders together to :

  • Exchange ideas about sustainable development ;
  • Share and learn from one another ;
  • Discuss how to reduce negative impacts on the environment and cultural heritages;
  • Dine and party for peace.

Red Rocks Community Get-together

Red Rocks Cultural Center has embarked on a long-term approach to bring the community living around the Volcanoes National Parks together. Red Rocks Community Events feature among others; food events, banana beer production events, cultural festivals like music and dancing, community art events and sharing traditional folklore by the fireside.

The key aim of Red Rocks Community Events is to bring different communities together as we share our vision on how we to conserve nature around the Volcanoes National Parks. The monthly events target conservation groups and various conservation stakeholders. The events also provide the attendees the opportunity to share their insights about conservation, exchange ideas, network while at the same time learn how to efficiently share resources amidst diversity.

Red Rocks Community Events strive to find fun and collaborative activities that help travelers and visitors to spend their ample time together in a cultural blend, whereas getting value for their money. The gatherings are meant to help us create sustainable socio-economic impact within the local community, while mitigating the negative impacts of tourism activities on the various tourist destinations.

Red Rocks Community Development Linkages

Red Rocks Initiatives for Community Development has formulated a raft of strategies to promote conservation and community development around the Volcano National Parks. We have managed to encourage and facilitate community members, particularly the youth and vulnerable women to use their skills to produce art and handicraft products which they sell to tourists visiting the parks as souvenirs.

Some of the local youth have now become skilled and experienced tour guides, waiters and waitresses working for various business organizations. The women too now profit from their skills in the making of traditional crafts like basket weaving, which has immensely uplifted their standards of living. The outcome of our programs is to enable the youth and women have sustainable income.

Connecting Conservation and Community Health around Volcanoes National Parks

One of our major missions is to connect conservation and community health around the Volcanoes National Park. We do this through encouraging and supporting families to grow nutritious foods in their backyards, sensitizing the local community about the benefits of taking nutritious foods, and providing them with vegetable seeds and seedlings.

Promoting Good Hygiene and Sanitation

Maintaining personal hygiene is significant for countless reasons; personal, health, social, psychological or even simply as a way of life. Our program seeks to promote hand washing for all, particularly breastfeeding mothers and school going children as a precautionary measure to prevent diarrhea and other respiratory infections.

We also engage the local community in promoting personal hygiene like cleaning their homesteads and eradicating water holding places which act as mosquito breeding sites to help in the prevention of malaria. We also sensitize communities to sleep in mosquito treated nets, and promote mandatory house of convenience (Pit latrines/ Toilets) in all homesteads.

Green Tourism Program

We aim to develop sustainable use of our natural resources while at the same time alleviating poverty. The program aims to enjoin the local community in conserving Mother Nature while gaining from innovative initiatives to reap from what nature provides.

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