Red Rocks Community Events

Red Rocks Cultural Center has embarked on a long-term approach to bring the community living around the Volcanoes National Parks together. Red Rocks Community Events, among more others, will feature food events, banana beer production events, cultural festivals like music and dancing, community art events and sharing Rwanda folklore by the fireside.

The key aim of Red Rocks Community Events is to bring different communities together as we share our vision on how we can conserve nature around the Volcanoes National Parks. The monthly events target conservation groups and various conservation stakeholders. The events also provide the attendees the opportunity to share their insights about conservation, exchange ideas, network while at the same time learn how shared resources can efficiently be shared.

Red Rocks Community Events strive to find fun and collaborative activities that help travelers and visitors to spend ample time together where cultural synthesis is also our main objective, where each culture can learn from the other. The gatherings are going to help us create sustainable socio-economic impact within the local community, while at the same time help us in minimizing negative impacts tourism activities around the Volcanoes National Park might stymy our cultural heritage.


Red Rocks Initiatives for Community Development has formulated a raft of strategies to promote conservation and community development around the Volcano National Parks. We have managed to encourage and facilitate community members, particularly the youth and vulnerable women to use their skills to produce art and handicraft products they sell to tourists visiting the parks as souvenirs. While some of the local youth have now become skilled and experienced tour guides, waiters and waitresses in different business organizations, thanks to the intensive training they received from us, the women too are now profiting from their skills in making of traditional crafts like basket weaving, and inevitably this has uplifted their living standards. The upshot of our programs is to enable the youth and women have sustainable income as one of our conservation strategies.

Red Rocks initiatives have also included Sustainable Learning Vacation where anyone willing to learn some basic skills to help them develop socially and economically is welcome. The people living around the parks have different skills and talents that they only need to sharpen and harness to help them economically develop. They are welcome to learn art and craft, dance and music, tour guiding, and English language taught by volunteers. Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development recognizes that we all have a part to play when we want to leverage on tourism as a means of sustainable community development. Granted, we also should strive to improve our skills and be productive in ways that do not harm our environment. When we manage to prudently take care of our environment, and when more tourists come to our locality to see and experience nature and culture at its pristine, we end up improving our living standards in a way that is both responsible and sustainable.

Red Rocks initiatives were established from the idea that tourism and conservation has the power to lift disadvantaged Rwandans out of poverty and instill in them a sense of purpose and pride.

Red Rocks Trans Boundary Initiatives

Red Rocks Rwanda initiated activities which sustainably develop the community living near the volcanoes national park. We partnered with neighboring community based organization to enhance the conservation process of the Virunga massif.

In collaboration withMgahinga Community Development organization (MCDO) in Uganda and Kivu cooperatives of coffee planters and traders in Democratic republic of Congo, we work as an umbrella for different projects that operate within the 3 countries bordering the Virunga chain of mountains. Our goal is to use gorilla tourism business as a tool to promote sustainable development through poverty reduction, conservation of the environment and the rare mountain gorillas, education, initiating income generating activities and sustainable organic agriculture.

We focus on community training, capacity building and promotion of good practice thus protecting our cultural heritage and developing ecotourism research and information to speed up the socio economic development for the communities residing on the slopes of the Virunga chain of mountains within the great lakes region.