Community Initiatives Project

Community Initiatives Project

Red Rock’s Community Initiatives focuses on the key pillars that support its mission and vision of integrating tourism and conservation for community development. The programs target the communities living in the Virunga massif.

We seek to empower the local communities through promoting their rights, improving their environmental management systems, supporting innovations, and strengthening the locals’ engagement in activities that enhance their livelihoods and health among others.

All our programs are in line with achieving the “Agenda 2030”.

They include, but not limited to:

  • Arts and Cultural Conservation (Recreation for Peace and Development)
  • Community Based Tourism (Mountain Gorilla conservation & Tracking)
  • Tourism Based Vocational Skills Training
  • Agricultural Tourism (Flora and Fauna)

Arts and Cultural Conservation

This involves a plethora of activities aimed at recreation for peace and development.Our organization established:

  • Rich Art and Crafts galleries;
  • Promotes cultural music,
  • Dance and drama; and
  • Organizes indigenous and conventional games for peace building and conservation among others.

Red Rocks has strong partnerships with local artists, who provide conservation and tourism inspired art pieces.

Community Based Tourism

Our operation area is home for Africa’s, and most probably the world’s only surviving Mountain Gorillas. This wild species is highly endangered and faced with extinction, so requires ardent conservation. The population of the Mountain Gorillas is currently estimated at one thousand, and all are habited in the Virunga massif of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The organization undertakes activities aimed at Mountain Gorilla conservation, and runs services of Gorilla tracking for the local and international tourists.

There are many other opportunities available like Hiking Bisoke Volcano, trekking the Golden Monkey and experiencing other stunning, tourism destinations and activities.

Tourism Based Vocational Skills Training

The organization empowers the young people with conservation and sustainable tourism inspired life skills in a “None Formal” training mode. The locals are trained in art and crafts, housekeeping & hospitality, tour guides, basic foreign international languages, and international culture and norms.

We intend to scale up the training, following the initiatives and opportunities available. We look forward to the likeminded partners, to enable us expand the scope of our training.

Away from the current non formal training; we envisage a training center (school) for carrying out and generating scientific based research and knowledge respectively. .

Agricultural Tourism Initiatives (Flora and Fauna)

In this intervention we work with the local communities to build synergies and partnerships with other organizations that do conservation and tourism. We encourage conservation and tourism based farming like indigenous fruit growing, tree planting, indigenous domestic animals and pets rearing and horticulture among others.

This is aimed at enhancing community livelihoods in regard to nutrition and food security as well as income generating; as they sell the surplus to the local population, and the international guests. .

Red Rocks Livestock Support Program

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is defined as protection, well being and good care of animals; where the animals live in harmony with their environment. As the communities continue to live in abject poverty, animals have been denied shelter; pets abandoned, or denied adequate vet care.

Welfare for animals is equally important; they are sentient beings and should therefore be accorded convenience. They have to be protected from injury, pain, diseases, stress and unnecessary suffering. Red Rocks initiatives intend to support extremely low income earners by contributing pet food and vet care as a means of enhancing animal welfare, as well as mitigating the outbreak of pet related epidemics.

Our Initiative will focus on partnership with individuals and organizations to provide low-cost veterinary care to the pets of the communities we work with in Musanze, Goma, and Kisoro, within the Virunga massif.

We plan to establish low-cost veterinary clinics in Musanze, Goma and Kisoro, to serve more than three thousand pets. Our vets will meet clients biweekly to offer vaccinations, micro-chipping and basic care.

In the countries within our operation, the animal welfare legislations are inadequate, despite the urgency of need.

Red Rocks Trans Boundary Initiatives

Red Rocks Initiatives implements activities for sustainable development in the communities around the volcanoes national park. We partnered with neighboring community based organization to enhance the conservation process of the Virunga massif. In collaboration with Mgahinga Community Development organization (MCDO) in Uganda, and Kivu Cooperatives of Coffee planters and Traders in the Democratic republic of Congo, we work as an umbrella organization, coordinating the various activities in the 3 countries bordering the Virunga chain of mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our goal is to use the gorilla tourism business as a tool to promote sustainable development through conservation of the environment by tree planting, preserving the mountain gorillas, training and sensitization of the communities on the various conservation related issues, and initiating income generating activities for sustainable livelihoods.We focus on community capacity building, promotion of good practices to protect the various cultural heritages, research and development of an ecotourism database to speed up the socio economic development for the communities residing on the slopes of the Virunga chain of mountains, and the entire great lakes region.

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