Initiatives Researchers’ Project

This is a collaborative research project targeting different professionals, organizations, institutions, authorities, and students into effective tourism, conservation and community management, to influence policies and development in our operation areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Our research project aims to ensure well-intentioned tourism, conservation and community development schemes to benefit researchers and the local communities. We work closely with our partners, conservation organizations, leading research institutions, and other interested parties in designing research frameworks together, directly linked with our core mission and vision.

We welcome everyone from the local and international communities, public, private and the academia to take advantage of our research resources.

The research project encompasses a wide range of fields including among others;

  • Effective Bee-Keeping strategies
  • Botanical Gardens
  • History and Culture of Local Communities
  • Conservation strategies and Initiatives
  • Conservation and Community Development
  • Education insinuations Research project
  • Kahuzi Biega Eastern Lowland Gorilla habituation project
  • Mgahinga Golden Monkey habituation Project

Conservation Volunteering

Through the noble act of volunteering, you not only get to visit wonderful countries, but also make positive contributions to the host communities. Our volunteering opportunities and programs include but not limited to;

  • Community work,
  • Health and Education programs

Available throughout the various countries of our operation. You not only develop your own skills; but also grab an opportunity to visit amazing tourist destinations and cultural sites.

Whether teaching in a local school or helping in a reserve is a great way to meet locals from various backgrounds outside the tourism industry, understand their lives and challenges, as well as build synergies and networks to benefit your future endeavors. .

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